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Window Cleaning – Hiring the Best!

Choosing a reliable window cleaner that produces excellent work and sticks to the estimate can be a hit or a miss. Your chances are about 50/50.

But there are a few things you can do to assure that you find the best window cleaner.

A lot can be gleaned from their website. For instance: Is it professionally done? Do they guarantee their work? … and do they offer a discount for first-time clients?

A discount and a guarantee take the edge off for you and also demonstrates that this window cleaner values your business, is confident about his ability to deliver the goods and wants to have the opportunity to prove himself to you.

There are other indicators as well. According to studies on human behavior, we glean 90% or more of the information we get in any single interaction with another person non-verbally.

Not only that but this non-verbal information is very often more accurate than verbal information. So there’s a rationale in trusting your gut feeling.

If there is even a shadow of doubt left, it is wise to ask for references …2 or 3 should be quite sufficient.

Get names and phone numbers of past clients. Most people will be happy to talk to you and share their experiences with you.

If they check out, there should be no doubt left in your mind and the window cleaner you choose today could be the one that you develop an enjoyable relationship with over the course of many years.
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