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My Highest Recommendation Ever

Healing from injury and trauma and reaching for my highest potential in health became one of my passions early on.

Since more recently, after a serious injury in 2011, i’ve been very focussed on healing. That led me to many amazing health practitioners in Boulder. Recently I discovered a hidden treasure here, who is providing a whole new level of healing far beyond what i had experienced before.

One of the interesting things about super advanced practitioners like her, is that she’s been so focussed on developing her knowledge, skills, and intuition that she hasn’t had much time left over to market herself.

But she doesn’t have to either. It all happens through word of mouth. She operates mostly within a small circle of friends who sometimes tell other friends.

Dr Reilly

Dr Johanna Reilly

So, Dr Johanna Reilly is one of Boulder’s best kept secrets …until now.

My first appointment with her was epic. It was long.

She interrogated me seemingly endlessly.

She stuck needles into my body in many places.

She tore through the flesh in my neck and around my jaw like a hungry bear.

She cracked almost every bone in my back and neck. She cracked all my toes in one surprisingly swift, and concentrated motion.

She whacked my back side with a mallet.

She suggested i go to get blood drawn before our next meeting then handed me three tiny viles with homeopathic remedies, a bottle of liquid Zinc and a note with some exercises to practice as well as a few dietary recommendations.

Longer story shorter, it was wonderful. I walked out of there seriously changed for the better and it continues like this.

What amazes me about Johannah is not only that she goes after various aspects of whatever the issue is, from various angles and with different modalities.

You may be shocked to find, she also has a super high level of competency in every modality she uses, i mean even beyond most of those who practice just one modality their entire life.

She’s dedicated to the Hypocratic Oath to “do no harm” and at the same time she doesn’t mess around. She goes after things. She doesn’t try to string you along.

Even better news for you, if you’re inclined to request her support, is that when i told her i wanted to introduce her to you and asked for her permission, she said, “Sure. In fact, i’ll give any one of your contacts a $50 discount for their first session if they just mention your name.”

Finally i just want you to know i don’t get anything for the introduction beyond the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be well cared for.

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