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Jonathon Swanson

“As far back as I can remember window washing has been part of my family. My family traveled a lot throughout my childhood and my father was a man of many trades. When I was about five we settled down for a while. During this time he started to work for a company washing windows. He became very good at it and as time passed we moved on. He used these skills to travel and do jobs along the way. Along the way, he would let me help him and teach me many different techniques as well as teach me how detailed this trade really was. As I became older I always enjoyed doing windows for people. In high school, I even started a commercial route to make money as a job.
At the age of 17, I decided that I wanted to go to business school and ended moving to the town where my father had worked for the larger company. This began my journey as a professional window cleaner. Over the next 10 years or so I grew exceptionally passionate about window cleaning. At this point, I had surpassed all the workers and become the general manager. After graduating from business school I decided to stay on and run things for this company and realized that there was a great future in the window cleaning industry. I decided after a few years to move to The Denver area and work for one of the largest companies in town. I believed that I could make a great impact at this scale. As it turns out this was not the end of my journey.
It wasn’t until I realized my passion for dealing with homeowners and the care and training that has goes into each account that I realized where I belonged. I found myself growing in a much more personalized company doing what I have always been good at, enjoying my work. In Boulder, I found a real relationship that I could grow, a clientele base that fits and partners that gel.”

Cedar Kelly

“Two things I’ve always been passionate about since being a boy growing up on a small farm in new England, are the right relationship and physical work.
I love looking back at the end of the day and saying to myself, “That looks good and I’m tired …and hungry too. Wonder what’s for dinner?” There’s a sense of satisfaction and completion in that every single day.
The right relationship always seemed like a fine line to find as a young man and often lose again. That was definitely a longer term quest with many little successes and lessons along the way. Often I was my own worst enemy without knowing it.
But when I became a business owner that changed. I really dedicated myself to serving. And this simplified everything. One of the things I learned very quickly is that in order to really serve well, I would need to take care of myself first. The reason being that in order to serve others, an abundance of energy and enthusiasm will be required. You can’t be coming from poverty or lack of health.

That fine line has now become a vast and expansive place …on most days anyway.

When I met Jonathan and shared with him my philosophy of serving, he got it, much to my surprise and delight. He already had it actually.
This opened my eyes to understanding that the best way for it to work with him, would be for me to adopt the position that I would also be dedicated to serving him, so he could serve you. And when I saw him cleaning windows at a speed and ease I had not witnessed previously, it was motivation enough to step up.
I sincerely wanted to help provide a work environment for him that I rarely had experienced myself.
Since that time three years ago, we’ve made a great team. We decided to evolve to a clearer partnership business structure.
I no longer do much of the physical work now since injuring myself some years ago. Still recovering from that.
But I’m happy to have the overview, caring for you, and being in charge of keeping things flowing.”


About New Morning, Inc

New Morning, Inc., former Eyes of Shiva, delivers Professional Painting Works, Home & Office Cleaning, Window & Gutter Cleaning, and Power Washing to the Boulder, Lyons, Longmont, Erie, Loveland, Fort Collins, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster, Thornton, Superior, Arvada, Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Centennial, and Colorado Springs areas since 2009. We approach every house as a temple and every project with an open heart, childlike enthusiasm and give great care and attention to every detail of our work.

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